Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hanuman Sculpture

Heres my latest print on a form2. I used mudbox and zbrush to sculpt this which represents a big leap forward for those of you who know me...Ive been talking about zbrush for...Too long! Hanuman is a monkey god with meanings that go all over the place but he generally implies fertility and a resistance to opposition forces.
I intend to create a series in this style as well as bronze casts which I will offer for sale. Approximately 26 cm tall.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Geo Love Pendant

Back after a blog hiatus I guess...I have alot of new work to share and will soon. Heres one of my "Geo Love" Pendants. Hand made wood veneers, cut by robots (laser)! Printed and cast in various metals.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Video Projection Mapping on Watermelon Mountain! Making geometric screens.

Here is the latest project I've worked on. I guess folding paper rabbits lead me to bigger mountains! (Go back a few posts to see my "Levitated Rabbit" sculpture.) This entire concept was originated from my piece for the "We are this city" campaign here in Albuquerque where I created a smaller  geometric wall piece depicting the Sandia Mountains and the city I grew up in! Burque.  For this project we were tasked with fabricating a large representation of the Albuquerque skyline and Sandia Mountains to help sell a new surveying and topographical mapping drone. The final result will be a video projection that replicates the drones "scanning" features for those working in the surveying industry.  I want to Thank Joel Davis Sculpture who worked with me in getting this built and installed as well as Nathanial Gutierrez and Phillip Torres for the final animations. Im as exited as ever to start playing around with my own video projection mapping animations too and will share those as soon as I do. THXC

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Jack Rabbit for Levitated Toy Factory

A work in progress Pepakura (paper craft) project with Levitated Toy Factory here in Albuquerque, New Mexico! Modeled in Maya and Mudbox using curves to create a new topology based on a high poly sculpture of the same shape. Beautiful facets!

"Wild Style" 3D Printed piece

I always wanted to do this and so here it is! I love 3D block lettering and thought it looked like it pops out of the now it can. The original 2D version is something I drew in college long before I had even the slightest hint we would be printing them out in real life.  This print was from Shapeways then hand painted. It is also uploaded it to Thingiverse in case anyone feels so inclined to print it/paint it/place it themselves. (If your really gonna go for the gusto may I suggest modeling/printing your own fonts and applying them wherever your hearts feel content!)


"Mydra" is meant to invoke the notion that fears prevent us from seeing the truth.  This is my representation of Hercules epic battle with the Hydra where cutting off this beasts heads only resulted in more heads replacing those he severed.. In a sense we cannot fight our fears with the usual approaches...We may not even be able to fight them at all but rather look past them and see the hope that ultimately is clouded by the hydras presence in our lives.