Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The B9 creator, an introduction.

 So as many of you may know 3D printing aint cheap! And its had lots of variables in terms of uses and abilities versus price...so on and so on.

The B9 (Benign) Creator is in my mind a game changer in the consumer level 3D printer world. Its a DIY kit from an Space-X engineer/Nasa test pilot that successfully got crowd funded on its first day online. It made ten-fold the 50 thousand dollars the creator sought! Further more it is a higher resolution for the same price as the makerbot which obviously has a large user base and "trust" factor. Using a light (standard DLP projector!) curing resin and some other clever mechanical parts this beautifully design creation has the ability to pump out jewelry level details. The sliced .STL information is flashed through the projector into a vat of light curing resin (found online). Think of it as shining a light through a stencil just long enough to harden the gel. Your dentists use similar yet specifically UV light curing gels to fill cavities!  Mike Joyce, the founder and apparent genius behind the B9creator has a refreshing and increasingly unique approach to doing business...He actually responds and answers nearly if not ALL questions on his forums! We surely cant expect this to last forever...but then again as an early funder and adamant supporter I hope to have an occasional chat if I can! Mike however does not appear to be alone in this en devour,  he has mentioned his son taking part by making the videos and music for the promotional and instructional videos and has at least one other partner helping him with the many tasks one could imagine when building such a deliverable. Mike has also mentioned bringing a whole lot more people on board as he needs them for shipping and distribution.
I look forward to learning, experimenting and making art as well as sharing some print time when mine arrives!
The website is said to be expanding as soon as he can. He is also keeping this open source and has promised to release design elements as time goes on!
The printer at first glance-Space capsule like! Its got a design I want to call minimal bliss.

I will hold off trying much further to explain and direct you to see for yourself now if you havent already!
Behold. The B9 Creator.
 Obviously, Im a fan. My Ode to 2001 and the 3D printer of the future :)




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  1. Cool image the 1st one. Become my desktop background.