Monday, October 22, 2012

B-Bot lives!!!!!

The final paint job came out well and I will now call this print complete! For scale you can see the thumb tack . The B9 Creator indeed met and exceeded my expectations. One must realize I was using Beta software and was using a small group of forum users to educate myself on how to calibrate and basically operate the printer overall. The paint job did kind of detract from some of the finer details though in the printers defense many details at this scale were nearly as small as the layers themselves...So in other words the "stair-stepping" as we would call it and some bolts/details were close in size. The solution in this case would be to divide the model up more and print all at the Max resolution of 100 Microns XY by 50 Microns Z. {Z=layer height} All in good time! I do intend on making articulated prints and even some sort of chain mael prints. This will mean I have to get back into Maya and the virtual world again!...Its an interesting transition to see these go from my screen to my hands. I am excited to test the limits of the B9 creator...Next up could quite possibly be the "spirit rider"! Stay tuned for that....Also let me know via email if your interested in having me do model and print anything your mind can imagine! The key factor here is that this cured plastic can be burned out CLEANLY with no residue! Jewelry/Foundry people know how important that can be. I will be getting the V 1.0 software anyday now and will have solid instructions on calibration and other currently "cloudy" printer necessities!  Printing for the People...and by the people!

The head and neck was printed in 2 pieces as was the shell. Tail was also separate. This dividing mainly came down to how I was able to handle large poly counts/booleans and the B9 could have in fact printed this whole robot model in one step.

3D model to be printed in sections. I will try to get a larger version printed than this initial one but so far so good and this isnt even using the fully released software. Much guess work in other words.

As you can see Ive managed to get something printed now. Im quite happy with this first half of my B-Bot model but I still have a long way to go before the whole thing can be pieced together. Its been a fun learning process with a handful of pitfalls but a plethora of successes! The bumps on the bottom are where the "support structures" adhered just a bit too well to the model to help it lift out of the vat of resin. Anyways...Off to clean this studio up a bit then more printing :)

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