Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Squid Pendant Print

 Some recent shots of the painted print. This particular print and the initial model paint I used didnt adhere so well so after a short bath in acetone I was able to clean off the entire paint job and reapply a primer coat. The lesson being that planning ahead would have saved me a bunch of work and that one can use acetone to clean prints with little to no loss of details. (although prolonged exposure would likely soften this resin and loose details)

I modeled this in Mudbox and Maya with the intention to print and hopefully cast into metal(s). I utilized mudbox's new retopology toolset to get the tentacles to hold details. I havent had a huge chance to learn these new features but from what I can tell so far they hold up to other packages retopo processes...
The model was reduced from 5 million polygons to 1.7 before slicing in the B9 creator software.

The prints were printed at 50XY microns and 50.8Z microns slices.
I have up'd my exposure times to get thinner details which can in return "bleed" light into and over the model curing resin thats coating the model-thus loosing some details.

I believe a newer resin as well as a new projector will be key to getting even the slightest features in future prints.
Such is  the life of a digital sculptor turned engineer via a 3D printer...
I can tell you sometimes the hardest part is simply pushing print then walking away for the night.
Dennis H

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