Friday, January 18, 2013

Spirit Rider Print with B9 Creator (BBot too)

 Close ups of "Spirit Rider" printed with the B9 Creator. Combined print time was roughly 36 hours.
The base was the largest print Ive done to date. It was about 1950 layers at 50 microns each and 100 microns in the XY direction. (as were all parts of spirit rider)... The base alone took 22 hours to print.
This was a great project and I was very fortunate to receive the source files Offload Studios created from my original geometry. That saved me multiple days work. I cant thank them enough! But here goes...Thanks Offload Studios!!!
Im excited to keep printing this model in different scales and with higher resolutions. (smaller overall in size but more accurate details)
Casting into metals would is on my agenda, among other things. Comments and questions always welcome!

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