Saturday, January 5, 2013

SpiritRider Print

Im stoked to show this off finally. Here is my Spirit Rider! At roughly 15 inches (38cm) its the largest and most detailed fully colored model Ive ever had printed. The credit for the print goes to the truly inspiring OFFLOAD STUDIOS!
I spent roughly 3 months creating the finished model in Autodesk's Mudbox and Maya. The idea is to share my love of snow riding with others through physical handmade art.

3D printed sculpture. Utilizing a Full Color ZCorp (now 3Dsystems) zprinter650.
This piece consists of 3 main prints with the head feathers being individually printed and attached afterwards. The Board is also a single print.
Base,Board and Body.

Any questions, comments or inquiries can be sent to or here in the comments section. Thank you and I am blessed to have the chance to take part in such a wonderful 3D printing adventure!

Dennis Harroun

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