Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"Think With Your Heart" Pendant

I set out to make a really interesting and sculpted design to include on my Shapeways shop. This was an idea I had floating around for a little while and it was obvious I had to make it a reality!
The first version was solid and after uploading to their site I realized it was going to be far too expensive in any of the metals without being hollow. The easiest solution to this is to decrease the size which will automatically lower a prints price tag...However this would loose details and make it smaller then  I want as well as cause the loop to dip below the thickness requirement...So Hollowing was my next step.
After the initial hollowing I was notified that the hole which is on the rear was too small to allow the material to escape during production and casting. I went back and further expanding this "escape" hole which finally succeeded in making it a printable design on Shapeways end.
I do have a few already printed via my B9 Creator which I intend to have cast locally too! This will enable me to add a crucial patina to the entire piece and will really help the details pop.
Stay tuned!

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