Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My tribute to M.C. Escher. "Bond of Union" Light Sculpture Project

The GIF is of "Looking Glass Factories" Volumetric print of this piece. Im very impressed with their process for doing prints that must defy gravity. This one is a test their doing until we get the final larger version done!

(Update! The larger version completed here at Mana Digital. The final printed inner aspect also done by Looking Glass Factory is about 10 inches across. Ive added LED lighting as well as built a wooden frame to compliment the piece. A fun and unique project which I hope to repeat with my own designs. I really think this piece is meant to be seen in person and cant seem to capture its true beauty with a camera. The way it glows is amazing and I bet Mr. Escher would appreciate the way it describes his original drawing so well.)

(3D recreation of  "Bond of Union" by M.C. Escher. -1956)
Ive been wanting to model some of his artworks for some time and this is the first of a few I'd like to make. I will be getting in touch with his estate if only to inform them and let them have the first chance to get one of the 3D printed versions of this.
To me it stands for equality and unity among the sexes and the balance we find when we intertwine our lives with another person...All the flaws and gaps we share might be the strongest bonds we have. The technical challenges of modeling this were satisfying and although Im sure there was an easier way I choose to get it done the best way I knew how without learning any additional software.( the long way...)

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